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“In Japan’s short history of contact with Western fashion, we have lacked a ‘bourgeois vs. high society’ tension to portray in this showmanship world of fashion. Instead, most of the grandeur has come from the street.” — Naoko Hasegawa, VP of Chang Co., Ltd. Apparel Company

“One major distinction of Tokyo fashion is the mixing of low-end pieces with extreme luxury items without even a second thought. No one does that better than Tokyo.” — Ayumi Ito, actress

“Compared to the utter media circus that New York Fashion Week has become, it is so refreshing to be able to come here to JFW, relax, and do what we are here for — which is to focus on the clothes.” — Christopher Blomquist, U.S. Bureau Chief, Sportswear International Magazine

“We found some shows such as Mintdesigns, Ne-Net and Hisui to be quite innovative and fun, but others were mostly lacking in energy compared to what we see in other global fashion weeks.” — Jean-Francois Soler, Associate Director of Station Service, France.

“Out of the whole week I found Tokyo Girls Collection to be amazingly fun and energetic. I wanted to take so many photos but the security kept trying to take my camera away!” — Jean-Albert Herman, Station Service, France

“Every capital in every country already has a fashion week, and it is impossible to expect all of the editors to personally come to all of them, including JFW. They should instead work on getting more information out about them in English, which until now is not only lacking in speed but volume as well. Surprisingly, there is nothing in Chinese or Korean either, despite their presence here.” — Rebecca Milner, Tokyo-based trend correspondent

“Its great to see all the support young designers are getting from the JFW committee. However, I wonder if the right people — and enough of them — are seeing these shows to really push them to the next level?” — Shigeto Ichikawa, Chief Editor of Nihon Sen-I Newspaper Fashion Business Division

“Everything starts pretty much on time, and is organized and controlled. It’s obvious that JFW is well produced.” — Li Dong, Director of Fashion, China TV