In the West you might scan your tea leaves for a peek at what the future may hold, but in Japan you are more likely to grab your chopsticks (OK, mouse) for the latest craze — sushi fortunetelling.

Net surfers (at the last count 2.5 million) are bombarding a site that promises to sum up your personality and give clues to what life holds in store simply through your choice of sushi.

Way back in the ’60s, Hachiro Asano, a Waseda graduate, combined psychology and palmistry to publish the bestseller, “Teso-jutsu.” Now, through a personality test he developed from his research into the favorite sushi of 1,500 people he quizzed, he is serving up kaiten-zushi fortunetelling. The system promises to accurately pinpoint your personality and tell your fortune from your five sushi choices by taking into account their color, shape, taste and the order in which you select them. It’s very simple. Access the virtual kaiten-zushi site (kodansha.cplaza.ne.jp/hot/entertainment/2000_01_12_1/index.html). All you have to do is pick your favorites from the 12 types of sushi making the rounds; anago (sea eel), tamago (egg), natto (fermented soybeans), ebi (shrimp), ikura (salmon roe), kyuri (cucumber), toro (fatty tuna), uni (sea urchin), maguro (lean tuna), ika (squid), kohada (punctatus) and awabi (abalone).

Drag the appropriate sushi icon onto the dishes. When you have finished, click the Japanese tea cup. If you change your mind and want to reset, click the towel.

The first choice reflects your view of love, the second how you regard money, the third dish gives a hint to how you deal with work, the fourth is to do with family life and the fifth points at the characteristics you value or how you would like to be perceived.

Simply Divine couldn’t resist taking a look at what a visit to the virtual kaiten-zushi means for a few local luminaries.

The sushi selected by silver-tongued InterFM DJ Vance K apparently makes him a sea urchin-type person. Choosing toro means it’s all or nothing where this Hawaiian DJ’s love-life is concerned. When he falls for someone he is mad about them and he can’t think about anything else. He is also very serious in money matters. And, appropriately for someone who broadcasts daily, his sushi selection shows he loves to stand out and is very ambitious. This workaholic won’t spare any expense to realize his dream. His choice of egg shows he would like to have a warm and affectionate family. And he values originality and would like to be considered adventurous and hard working.

Music maestro Nick Wood is a natto-maki type person. British-born, Tokyo-based Nick is apparently good at expressing himself clearly — ideal for a musician who is often called on to compose music from someone else’s vague concept. However, he can be too adamant, which can lead to conflict. The virtual sushi chef advises him to learn to compromise to establish more meaningful relationships.

Picking sea eel reveals that he isn’t extravagant — he won’t buy things for the sake of it. And his liking of natto shows his self-control. Apparently Nick hates to lose at anything but keeps this well hidden. Sea urchin suggests that he wants a happy, cheerful family modeled on his own childhood. And the egg? Nick wants to be loved and hates loneliness.

Chrome Hearts woman about town, Valerie Koehn, is an ikura person. As such she is determined to keep her work and private life very separate — which is something to be applauded, but the fortuneteller implies that perhaps if she threw herself wholeheartedly into work she might gain something more. Amazingly, the fortunetelling is spot on with her sea urchin choice. This indicates that Valerie (fashion guru and former Japan Times style writer) has a definite sense of style, which makes it very difficult to give her gifts that will please, while her love of ikura shows off her creativity, her talent and suggests that she was born to be famous. A desire for conger eel apparently reveals that when crisis mounts or at crunch point she will turn to her family.

While barber supremo Shinji Takae is also an ikura-type person, his order of choices hints that he may be in for a move. His sushi selections show a desire to live abroad and to work at something else or study something new.

He is a hard worker and, although it may surprise those who know him well, he is also very ambitious. He just would never dream of showing it!

The overwhelming popularity of the site has prompted the Web masters to extend it with various “rooms.” Now, once you know your personality type, you can log-on to feast on a daily diet of sushi predictions. Itadakimasu!