Sometimes life comes at you fast. Chisako (Anne Watanabe), an author and bereaved parent, has returned to her rural hometown after a lengthy absence to handle the affairs of her father, Kozo (Eiji Okuda), as he slips into a fog of dementia.

While driving at night with her old friend Hisae (Aimi Satsukawa) after having a few drinks out on the town, they hit a boy in the road and knock him unconscious. Hisae, who was behind the wheel, starts freaking out about losing her job, so they agree to take the child back to Chisako’s house rather than call the police.

As they strip off his clothes, they discover that his body is marked with signs of physical abuse. However, when he wakes up the following morning, he claims to have no memory of his past life, or even his own name. After paying an incognito visit to the boy’s real family and confirming her suspicions, Chisako — who lost her own son in tragic circumstances several years earlier — makes an impulsive decision to adopt him.