How big will Japanese animation be in 2023?

I’m no economist, but my gut says pretty big. Past performance is not an indicator of future results, but the trends are pretty clear: The anime industry has been on the rise for over a decade (minus a blip in 2020 on account of the pandemic), and 2022 appears to have been yet another banner year with titles like “Suzume” and “Chainsaw Man” grabbing even more converts.

Still, that success isn’t spread evenly. In a crowded field, it can be hard for original anime (that is, series or films not based on manga, novels or other anime) to stand out. A few years ago, nontraditional sources of funding (i.e. streaming services) seemed like a ray of hope for more daring properties, but reports now show even streamers are moving away from originals into safer territory as competition for subscribers heats up.