Ogre You Asshole is not a band that plays by the book and creates easily marketable pop rock. Rather, these four chaps do what they want and sound how they want. Which is apparent on their latest album, "New Kind of Man." This is not a friendly pop record. But that's not to say it's bad. Far from it.

While you won't get the driving guitar-led hooks of their 2007 album "Alphabeta vs. Lambda," you will get 36 minutes of totally laid-back, chilled-out background music. This is an album to listen to while you study, read a book or lie on a beach and doze off.

It's beautiful in parts, quirky in others, and from the outset, we're aware it isn't standard guitar, bass, drums and vocals fodder. It's synth-heavy, from programmed drums to wobbling bass and in-your-face keyboards. But (at the risk of making enemies) the "real" instruments are still there in the mix.