Jan. 3-Feb. 25

Yokoyama Taikan (1868-1958) studied at the Tokyo Fine Arts School (now Tokyo University of the Arts) and founded the Japan Art Institute with Tenshin in 1898. He was highly acclaimed for his exploration and creation of new forms of nihonga (Japanese-style painting) and became known as a pioneer of modern Japanese-style painting.

In honor of the 150th anniversary of Taikan’s birth and the 60th anniversary of his death, the Yamatane Museum of Art is showcasing its whole Taikan collection, with highlights including his first suibokuga (ink) scroll paintings; “Chu Province Scroll,” which was based on his experiences during a trip to China; and “Yanshan Scroll,” a Mount Fuji ink piece that he didn’t complete until his later years. This is the first time since 1966 that the collection will be displayed in its entirety.

Yamatane Museum of Art; 3-12-36 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Ebisu Stn. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. ¥1,000. Closed Mon. 03-5777-8600; www.yamatane-museum.jp/english


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