Daisuke Endo made peace with EDM thanks to Mister Donut. The electronic artist, better known by his stage name De De Mouse, eats at the snack chain frequently. Recently, he says he has been enjoying the American pop music they pipe into the store.

"They always play The Chainsmokers. It's almost like good 1980s-style pop music, it's very refined," he says, referring to the American electronic duo who have dominated charts over the past year. "When I was at Mister Donut ... I didn't know what the song was, but it was just good hit music."

The producer, known for bouncy electro-pop anchored by diced-up vocals, hasn't gone full Billboard Hot 100 on latest album "Dream You Up," but he has come a long way from his last full-length, 2015's "Farewell Holiday!," which embraced jazz and classical. He says that LP was his personal protest against the bludgeoning sounds of dance music branded as EDM, then inescapable in the Japanese club scene.