Jeff Goldblum, an actor whose quirky comedic delivery has earned him a sizeable cult following, seems to have a thing for science fiction flicks. His latest, “Independence Day: Resurgence,” sees the 63-year-old reprise the role of alien-battling scientist David Levinson, who audiences first met in the 1996 blockbuster “Independence Day.”

“They say there were three times as many special effects shot in this (film) than in the first one, so there are a lot of scenes where we were pretending to look at something or act with something that wasn’t there,” Goldblum says about working with imaginary aliens. “Sometimes people were yelling at us for the better part of a day: ‘Here’s what you’re seeing … it’s happening on the right! Try that again! It’s happening on the left!’ “

When it comes to actual aliens, however, Goldblum defers to professional scientists. “It’s fun to think about, but in real life I pursue facts and so-called reality.”

When “Independence Day” came out it raised the bar for Armageddon-style films. Since then, destruction has come via dinosaurs, plagues, vampires and zombies. Does Goldblum have the scoop on a new villain waiting in the wings? Not necessarily, but he suspects the enemy is closer than we think.

“It’s our own undiscovered shadow side and reptilian ignorances,” he says. “It’s in yourself where the most important examination needs to be made. There’s no fight really other than in your own bosom.”

However, movie-goers can expect less introspection and more high-tech cinematic thrills in “Independence Day: Resurgence.”

“I hope audiences take back home popcorn in their teeth and a belly full of entertainment,” Goldblum says.

“Independence Day: Resurgence” opens July 9 in cinemas nationwide.

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