Sukezane gets reborn as a Hollywood 'hero'

by Matthew Hernon

Special To The Japan Times

Japanese actresses seem to be finding a place in the world of American TV. Rila Fukushima landed a guest spot on the fifth season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and a recurring role on The CW’s “Arrow,” while Tao Okamoto put in a fantastic turn as Chiyo in the third season of NBC’s “Hannibal.” The latest to take her bow is Kiki Sukezane.

Sukezane is part of the cast of “Heroes Reborn,” a followup to the 2006-10 show “Heroes” that features some of the original cast members returning, including Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet) and Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura). There are a number of new faces as well, including Sukezane and Japan-raised Toru Uchikado. Sukezane will play Miko Otomo; a mysterious young girl from Tokyo searching for her missing father.

“I remember borrowing seasons one and two (of ‘Heroes’) from my friend when I was at high school,” Sukezane says. “My favorite character was Nikki (played by Ali Larter). She was so beautiful, I really admired her. When I got the part, I decided to watch (the show) all over again and it was just as interesting as I remembered.”

Sukezane doesn’t want to give too much away in regards to her character, but we know she has many secrets and is highly skilled with a sword; an ideal talent for someone with actual samurai ancestry.

“Yes that’s true, on both my parents’ sides,” she says. “I started training with swords for fight scenes a few years ago in Tokyo. Then when I was in Los Angeles, I went to sword-fighting classes at a park once a week. I think that might have been why they chose me.”

Sukezane may be small in stature, but she’s certainly not someone to be messed with. So what would her superpower be if she could choose one?

“Wow, that’s a difficult one. I think I’d like to fly,” she says. “Just for three days though, I don’t think I’d need any longer than that.”

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