You could call prankster Remi Gaillard the Johnny Knoxville of France. The videos he uploads to YouTube — offensive and extreme hidden camera put-ons, often involving enraging people with some outrageous stunt — certainly have that "Jackass" feel to them. But it would be unfair to say one influenced the other, for Remi started out around the same time and is arguably as popular, with over 1 billion views on his YouTube channel. Gaillard goes by an anarchistic philosophy, directly translated as "by doing wtf we want, we can become whoever tf we want."

Gaillard's first feature film, "WTF" (released in France as "N'Importe Qui"), is a celebration of that idea, even if it is basically a series of his best videos, which bookend a weak attempt at a story.

The plot involves his girlfriend laying down the law by challenging him to grow up and become a parent, a productive member of society and all that dull stuff. After a numbed-out period on medication, the urge to do "wtf" he wants becomes too strong and he reassembles his fellow pranksters to fly the prank-power flag once again.

Whatever. YouTube is the better medium for this sort of thing.

DirectorRaphael Frydman
LanguageFrench (subtitled in English and Japanese)