What would British action movies be without Jason Statham? As quiet as a wake for an old man with no friends. Thankfully, Statham is still at the top of his game, even if his new movie, “Hummingbird,” is a bit of a muddle.

Strutting about in his bald hotness, Statham plays Joey Jones, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, channeling Viggo Mortensen as he wanders the mean streets of London, trying to rid himself of inner demons that won’t go away.

There’s the prostitute he must save, gangsters who won’t leave him alone and a relationship with a troubled nun in the works. Much blood is splashed around before Joey manages to get his act together.

“Hummingbird” was written and directed by Steven Knight, who also wrote “Dirty Pretty Things” and “Eastern Promises.” This marks Knight’s directorial debut and as is often the case with genius screenwriters turned directors, Knight squeezes too much stuff (namely, brute violence) into a series of small drawers. Details come dribbling out, loose ends are left on the floor and the overall result is sloppy — all mayhem and zero poetry. If Statham keeps appearing like this in films, he could well turn out to be an old man with no friends. I worry about him.