Meat lovers get ready for a delicious festival


Staff Writer

Looking for a tasty way to beef up your protein needs? Try the Food Nations Meat Fes, which will be held in Tokyo’s Komazawa Olympic Park from May 2 to May 6.

The meat of this culinary festival will consist of some high-quality delicacies served by Tokyo’s top restaurants, including Yoroniku and Shichirinya. The establishments will offer special menu items at the event.

In addition to a selection of pork, beef, chicken and other meat dishes, visitors will be treated to local delicacies as well as beverages with which the meat pairs best.

The event will also feature delicacies from various regions in Japan and a corner devoted to the Tohoku region, which is meant to support reconstruction of the disaster-hit area.

The organizers have also prepared a selection of “food for the soul,” adding music and dance performances by individual artists and groups from Japan and other countries such as Egypt, Ireland and Peru. Internationalism will extend to the menu as visitors will have the chance to taste cuisine offered by chefs representing six different countries.

Attendees are also invited to participate in workshops, including one featuring traditional kokeshi dolls that originally came from Tohoku.

Food Nations Meat Fes takes place at Komazawa Olympic Park in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, from May 2 to May 6 (11 a.m. till 10 p.m., till 9 p.m. on May 6). Admission is free, but visitors will be charged for food and drinks. For more information, call 03-6418-5786 or visit food-nations.com (in Japanese).