Are your Golden Week activities scheduled already? Most parents will be scrambling for last-minute camps to send their kids to. For those who haven't planned ahead, the Ariake Sports Festa is a healthier option than camping out in front of the TV for a day.

The event offers a wide range of sports: jogging, badminton, mini-golf, hula-hoop and jump rope. However, it puts most of the emphasis on tennis.

There will be tournaments and paddle tennis, as well as several courses that will depend on specific levels of experience. First timers needn't worry, there will be introductory lessons as well.

As a bonus, there will be a few professional athletes on hand to serve as guest instructors. Long-distance runner Michiko Shimizu and badminton player Kumiko Ogura, both of whom have taken part in the Olympics, are among those scheduled to make an appearance.

There will be activities for families to do together in addition to the kid-focused lessons. Gymnastics, cardio and a test to measure physical fitness are among the exercises that can be done to help increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle in the home.

Ariake Sports Festa takes place at Ariake Tennis Park in Koto-ku, Tokyo, on April 29. Entrance and participation is free, but some attractions require reservations and payment. For more information, call 03-3346-2007 or visit (in Japanese).