Hello Kitty: Delicious!


Staff Writer

The latest Hello Kitty comic from Viz Media’s Perfect Square imprint is a simple yet fun escape for young children enamoured with Japan’s most recognizable feline.

Hello Kitty: Delicious!, Various, VIZ, PERFECT SQUARE

In February last year, Viz signed a deal with Sanrio to develop original Hello Kitty comics and “Hello Kitty: Delicious” is the third in the series.

Various ilustrators are featured and each imagines a food-filled adventure for Kitty-chan and her friends drawn in their own individual styles. The tales included see Hello Kitty baking a cake on Mars and escaping a giant’s kitchen. Meanwhile her childhood friend Dear Daniel gets tangled in spaghetti and is mistaken for a mummy! Each tale is told with entertaining, colorful pictures that should delight toddlers who have yet to learn to read.