‘Feu: Crazy Horse Paris’


Frederick Wiseman’s documentary “Crazy Horse,” looking at the Parisian burlesque cabaret of the same name, was a surprise fave last year, showing the racy stage shows to be surprisingly creative in their use of staging and lighting.

Feu: Crazy Horse Paris (Fire by Louboutin)
Director Bruno Hullin
Language French (subtitled in Japanese)

“Feu” is simply another doc on the Crazy Horse, with as many leggy beauties as you’d expect, but this one focuses on the 2012 works by Crazy Horse’s latest “guest creator,” footwear legend Christian Louboutin. An avowed fan, Louboutin speaks of how his inspirations come less from the fashion world and more from showgirls and cabarets, and his stiletto heels are front and center here. Indeed, there are several dance routines filmed entirely from the shin down, which will please those who share l’obsession Tarantino but may seem a bit strange to anyone who isn’t a slavering foot fetishist. David Lynch is billed highly as a collaborator, but really only has one original piece of music featured. There are a few great stage routines on display — the bondage-like aerial work of Psykko Tico being one — but most of these were covered previously in Wiseman’s film. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of “Feu” is its meeting point of hetero eroticism and a gay camp aesthetic. Un esthetique metrosexuel?