Have a superhero New Year’s


Staff Writer

Here’s an opportunity to have an ultra-special time this holiday season. The popular Ultraman superheroes, including the superhero himself and new hero Ultraman Ginga, will be in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, from Dec. 27 until Jan. 5 for the Oshogatsu Dayo! Ultraman Zenin Shugo (It’s the New Year! with All of the Ultraman Heroes) event.

The Ultraman series, featuring epic battles between heroes and giant monsters, first appeared on television in July 1966 and quickly became hugely popular, with fans mimicking the heroes’ unique energy-beam gestures.

The highlight of this Ultraman event is a “Battle Show” staging, featuring the heroes, which will take place four to five times each day (an additional fee is required to see the show). The heroes will also be available for photo sessions with fans, to play card games, and even to take part in mochitsuki (rice-cake making).

Onscreen, the Ultraman heroes can only use their special forces for up to three minutes at a time — but don’t worry, because those onstage and at other events in Kitakyushu will be activating their powers for a bit longer.

Oshogatsu Dayo! Ultraman Zenin Shugo takes place at the West Japan General Exhibition Center in Kitakyushu from Dec.27 to Jan. 5, between 5.10 a.m. to 5Sp.m. Times for shows and other programs may vary depending on the day. Advance tickets are ¥1,000 (¥700 for children aged 3 and over). For more details, contact 092-986-3565, or visit www.ss-live.ws/event/kitakyuu.