"I don't like to make music, I like to make energy. Music is just a way to get energy, so why not just make energy?"

Damo Suzuki, the 63-year-old singer and guru of a growing global commune of what he terms "sound carriers" doesn't like perfection, rejects systems and isn't interested in answers. For him, performing onstage is all about the moment and the process. Banning rehearsals, he insists that the musicians he performs with simply create in the moment, and at a marathon seven-hour event at Roppongi's experimental music laboratory SuperDeluxe on Nov. 2, he'll be teaming up with 25 musicians to do just that.

"There is no such thing as a mistake," Suzuki declares. "I don't know what a mistake is. A mistake makes you able to create the next step and if there is no mistake, you cannot create. It's such an opportunity. Everyone's trying to be perfect, they always like to have answers. Perfect stuff always has some sort of structure, but if we are creative enough and free, then you don't need any answer."