"The Yellow Raincoat Squad' is charming and engaging. This is another one of those productions that defies description but is a must-see for all ages," wrote Catherine Lamm in The British Theatre Guide in August, 2009. Lamm was reviewing one of Japan's best-kept theatrical secrets: The Original Tempo (TOT), a nonverbal but highly kinetic Osaka-based performance-arts group whose multi-media shows are founded on the concept: Let's play — and have fun — with plays.

TOT have, over the years, garnered fans and awards at international arts festivals in eight countries across Europe and Asia, including the five stars awarded by Lamm for their performance at the Edinburgh Fringe 2009.

Yet, amazingly, in light of such worldwide acclaim, with shows in Singapore, South Korea, Slovenia and Romania, TOT's upcoming two-day "season" in Tokyo will be the first time they've ever played in its homeland's capital.