Odds are, Japan Times reader, that you do not like Kis-My-Ft2. Maybe you’ve been unable to escape the bleating “Wanna Beeee!!!” while out strolling in Shibuya, or maybe they lost you at, “From the people who brought you SMAP and Arashi!” So this review should be quick, right? A nice hatchet job with a couple good jokes thrown in, and we’re out.

Nope, too easy and not fair. Johnny & Associates’ boy bands like Kis-My-Ft2 are easy punching bags and vessels for folks to bemoan the current state of Japanese pop. Yet those complaints mostly come from men … while this group’s fan base is predominantly women, especially teenagers. American music journalist Maura Johnston has written about how teen girls are often scapegoated as “ruining music,” and that’s what is going on here. “Good Ikuze!” may not be your thing, but it’s hardly terrible.

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