‘The Beauty in Everyday Life: Musée Hamaguchi Yozo — Spring Exhibition’



Staff Writer

Printmaker Yozo Hamaguchi (1909-2000) is best known for his ground-breaking work in colored mezzotints. His predominant use of soft but dark coloring, which gave the mezzotints a peaceful and serene quality, differentiated his work from other print artists, and led to the global recognition of his aesthetic and skill.

Alongside Hamaguchi’s works are those by avant-garde print artists such as Shinsui Ito and Yamakawa Shuho. Created during the end of the Meiji Period (1867-1912), when Japanese traditional ukiyo-e (floating world) prints were becoming less popular, these artists’ works showed a modernism that impressed art critics overseas; till May 6.

Musée Hamaguchi Yozo: Yamasa Collection; (03) 3665-0251; 1-35-7 Kakigaracho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Suitengumae Station, Hanzomon Line. 11 a.m.-5 p.m. (Sat., Sun. and holidays from 10 a.m.). ¥600. Closed Mon. (except April 29, May 6), April 30. www.yamasa.com/musee.