"On Mosquitoes Human and Other Animals" is the work of artist Beatriz Inglessis in collaboration with three other people: philosopher Suzanne McCullagh, education specialist Renee Jackson and gallery curator Shai Ohayon. The latest show at The Container gallery in Nakameguro, it's the result of months of correspondence and conversation between all involved, who meandered through topics as varied as education, cultural politics, disaster relief and the parasitic relationship between disparate organisms.

Inglessis, who recently completed her PhD in Printmaking at Tokyo's Geidai University, has been interested in medicine from an early age, with her family working in the medical field in Venezuela. It is not particularly surprising then that it should impress upon her art in such a particular way. Having lived in Japan for the last seven years, her latest piece explores the wider ramifications this interest has had on her own working practice.

At the heart of "On Mosquitos, Humans and Other Animals" exists a wish to explore education and themes of knowledge, which was to be manifested in lesson plans and an instruction manual. Those, however, were eventually dropped and left unfinished, though they do partially feature in a publication accompanying the show.