Visitors have the chance to see dozens of ice sculptures created by artists from across Japan at the ninth "Rokkosan Kori no Saiten" ("Mount Rokko Ice Festival") being held at Rokko Garden Terrace.

In addition to the outdoor art, some sculptors will demonstrate how to create sculptures from ice blocks. If visitors get cold, there will also be hot food and drink stalls.

One highlight will also be an ice lantern titled "1.17 Kibo no Akari" ("Jan.17 Light of Hope"). Organizers say the work is meant to commemorate the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake that hit Kobe and its surrounding areas on Jan. 17, 1995.

Mount Rokko Ice Festival will be held at Rokko Garden Terrace through Jan. 29 (10 a.m. till 9 p.m.) Tickets cost ¥500 for junior high school students and older and are available at Rokko Cable Shita Station. To get there from Osaka, take the Hankyu Line to Rokko Station, the JR line to Rokko Michi Station, or the Hanshin Line to Mikage Station. From those stations, take the Kobe City Bus, Line 16, to Rokko Cable Shita Station. Then take the Rokko Cable Car to Rokko Sanjo Station and finally board the Rokko Sanjo Bus. Take the bus to Rokko Garden Terrace stop. For more information, visit