Music documentaries can be about concerts or careers, but they nearly all feature nonmusical moments, such as Bob Dylan sardonically jousting with journalists in D.A. Pennebaker's "Dont Look Back" (1967).

In making "Furasshubakku Memorizu 3D (Flashback Memories 3D)," his documentary of didgeridoo player Goma (whose real name is Hiroki Morimoto), Tetsuaki Matsue has kept such moments to a minimum. For most of the film's 73-minute running time, we see Goma on stage, weaving a hypnotic spell with his three-man backup band, the Jungle Rhythm Section. Behind the stand that holds his long, massive instrument, he plays pulsing, honking, trance-inducing sounds, waving his hands in the air with a purposeful abandon, as if conducting the orchestra of the cosmos.

When, I started to wonder, do we get the talking-head interviews with Goma and those who know him? The short answer: We don't.