“Manabu Miyazaki: The Pencil of Nature”



Staff Writer

Manabu Miyazaki uses a self-devised system of infrared sensors and robotic cameras to get wild animals to unwittingly take self portraits.

The title of the exhibition, “The Pencil of Nature,” takes its name from a publication by the British photography pioneer William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877). In “The Pencil of Nature” Talbot referred to photography as a way of taking portraits that are self-“drawn” in light, a concept that can be applied here.

This exhibition showcases 130 of Miyazaki’s best works, including the award-winning “Owl” and photos of wild animals that bravely encroach on our human habitats; Jan. 13-April 14.

Izu Photo Museum; (055) 989-8780; 347-1 Clematis no Oka, Higashino, Nagaizumi-cho, Shizuoka; Mishima Station, JR Tokaido Line. 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (Feb., March till 5 p.m., April till 6 p.m.). ¥800. Closed Wed. www.izuphoto-museum.jp.