Thrill-seeking snowboarders to get an ultimate challenge in Tokyo


Staff Writer

Snowboarding always comes with the risk of injury, but the danger can be especially high for a certain type of thrill-seeker.

Not limiting the stage of their performance to snowy roads or mountains, jibbers experiment with everyday constructions such as handrails, fences and walls. Their adrenaline-fueled acrobatic feats have drawn plenty of fans over the years, with their activity particularly popular in the United States. However, media coverage tended to be relatively scarce, which is one of the reasons many jibbers began to film their own performances for self-reflection and future preservation. The Burton Rail Days competition therefore comes as one of the rare public contests to spotlight their sometimes jaw-dropping athletic agility.

On the day of the event, a gigantic stage of around 9 meters in height and 10.5 meters in width will showcase all the action. The stage was designed by a group of technicians who call themselves SPT. In order to make the set resemble an actual ski resorts, the group even replicated logs and picnic tables to give competitors a variety of objects to play around with.

While the performances of experienced jibbers is definitely the central focus of the show, talented children under the age of 15 will also join the event. Among them will be Miyabi Onitsuka, 14, who has won championships at several jibbing contests worldwide, including the Burton Euro Open.

Burton Rail Days Presented by Mini will take place at Roppongi Hills Arena in Tokyo on Nov. 17. Admission is free. For more information, call (03) 5738-2555, or visit www.burtonraildays.com .