Ichizo Kobayashi, also known by his pseudonym Itsuo, was an industrialist who first encountered the world of sado — the Japanese Tea Ceremony — while still a banker in his 20s.

In his 40s, he founded what later became known as the Hankyu Railway Kobayashi, after which he started to devote himself to the practice of sado with greater passion than ever. He experimented with modernizing the tradition by using Western instead of traditional Japanese porcelain and by introducing Western cuisine — practices that have both become a norm today.

This is the second part of an exhibition that aims to shed light on Kobayashi's career, and it includes notes he took on tea ceremonies in which he participated; till June 10.

Itsuo Art Museum; (072) 751 3865; 12-27, Sakaehon-machi, Ikeda-shi, Osaka; Ikeda Station, Hankyu Takarazuka Main Line. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. ¥1,000. Closed Mon. www.itsuo-museum.com/exhibition/do/view/#EXH19.