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Self-Defense Forces to put on air show in Gifu

by Matthew Holmes

Staff Writer

Japan’s Air Self-Defence Forces are inviting crowds to Gifu for a Sunday stroll to peek inside jet engines and admire their aircraft as they take to the skies for formation flybys and acrobatic displays — earplugs are not included.

The base, 35 km from Nagoya, has a history of manufacturing and testing new aircraft predating World War II. And with gates open for the annual show, visitors can casually observe the quick, loud metal in the sky, or be intrigued by a C-1 STOL transport plane (which exists in Japan only). All are welcome, and admission is free. Enjoy a wander among the wings, chat to fellow airplane enthusiasts, or simply gaze at the skies, but be sure and remember to cover your ears.

The Gifu Air Show takes place Nov. 27 at JASDF Gifu Air Base, Kakamigahara, Gifu Prefecture, from 8 a.m. till 3 p.m. The Base is a five-minute walk from Mietetsu Mikakino Station, on the Mietetsu Line from Gifu or Nagoya. No local parking is available. For more information visit