Audio Tokyo


The foreign-run Eggworm has pulled off a real coup in Tokyo by organizing the first all-day/all-night dance-music festival in the capital.

In a city notorious for its closed entertainment companies, Audio Tokyo will hopefully be the first of many independent events that allow the dance scene to evolve and thrive.

“We are looking to create a real dance music festival, like the ones taking place in Europe that cater to people that want to go there during the day, and then go on all night,” says Nick Clarke, a co-director at Eggworm who’ll be performing under his moniker Groove Patrol at the event.

“The DJs were my personal choice, and represent the wide range of music that I am interested in,” he adds.

On show will be international artists such as Doc Martin (San Francisco), Octave One (Detroit) and Reset Robot (Britain). They’ll share a main stage with locals such as Takkyu Ishino, DJ Krush and Satoshi Otsuki. Three arenas will loosely represent house music, electro and techno, and there will also be performance-based entertainment throughout the day.

For Clarke, however, the venue itself is as big a draw as the lineup. “The venue is fantastic,” he says. “The arenas look so different, the place is doing half the job for us. The views are fantastic and the atmosphere sells itself.”

For those wondering how one goes about setting up a music festival in a foreign country, Clarke’s experience demonstrates there may be no method to follow. “When we started we didn’t have one sponsor,” he says. The organizers began brainstorming the event over pints of Guinness and the plan eventually developed into one that gained the backing of the staff from the Harumi Seaside Terminal. “Once the trust was there,” adds Clarke, “we just worked as hard as possible to get sponsors and book artists. Once that was sorted, we were ready.”

And for those who were disappointed when the Big Beach Festival ended at 8:30 p.m., this event is guaranteed to go on until the early hours.

Audio Tokyo takes place between midday on July 17 and 5 a.m. on July 18 at the Harumi Seaside Terminal in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward. Tickets are ¥7,000. For more information, visit www.audiotokyo.com/en