OI-SKALL MATES: Festa de Rama


Tokyo-grown punk-ska heavies Oi-Skall Mates make their second, back-to-back appearance at the beachside Festa de Rama, now in its sixth year. The band hasn’t released a new album in five years (they insist it’ll happen this year), but they toured Hawaii last year and are regular fixtures at live houses and events around the nation. Inspired by Japan’s Ska Flames and England’s Bad Manners, the 10-member, third-wave ska tribe doesn’t disappoint. Adding a bit of sun and sand to their brassy, aggressive sound certainly won’t hurt.

Also check out: The all-Japanese lineup contains a healthy mix of summertime tunes from the likes of Okinawan punk-pop rockers Mongol800, jazzy “death rock” masters Soil & “Pimp” Sessions, Festa de Rama veterans Bagdad Cafe The Trench Town, Likkle Mai, Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro and even some hip-hop, courtesy of trio Scha Dara Parr.

The setting: A respite from stuffy Japanese summers with two stages, a camp site and morning yoga space on picturesque Setoda Sunset Beach. Between Hiroshima and Okayama, it is a great pit stop on a summer holiday.

When/where: July 31-Aug. 1 from 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Setoda Sunset B, Setoda, Hiroshima Prefecture. Tickets: ¥5,500 per day, ¥9,900 for the weekend. www.rama.ne.jp