Indie film fans can graze at The Pink Cow


More than a century ago in the basement of the Grand Cafe in Paris, pioneer filmmakers Auguste and Louis Lumiere dazzled audiences with one of the world’s first public viewings of a motion picture.

Like the Grand Cafe, The Pink Cow in Shibuya periodically offers independent filmmakers an impressive space to present their most recent projects, while giving film buffs a chance to see something a bit different from the regular multiplex fare and even dine in style from the kitchen.

Yet The Pink Cow is anything but elitist. Its Web site describes it as “a restaurant, art bar and funky space,” while its owner, Traci Consoli, identifies herself as Chief Executive Cow Herd.

She explained how “Film Club Night!” is a sort of networking opportunity with a party atmosphere. It attracts “all different levels of people doing all different things,” she said. And the eclectic artwork decorating the walls seems to reflect this open-minded spirit.

The most recent program, on June 23, featured a range of independent films, including computer-animated sequences poking fun at the Olympics, a documentary on the geisha community in Kyoto, and a short drama about a troubled relationship. All the filmmakers were present for a very relaxed Q&A that followed the screenings.

Consoli said the only rules are that you show “mutual respect for all people” — and “don’t bring your own beer.”

The next “Film Club Night!” will be on July 28. If you’re interested in having a film screened there, e-mail cowmail@thepinkcow.com with “film night” in the subject line and include your name, film title and running time. To find out how to get there and learn more about The Pink Cow’s upcoming events, visit www.thepinkcow.com.