Teacher’s providing guidance, problem-solving geisha, secret police

Everyone’s favorite junior-high-school teacher, Kimpachi-sensei (Tetsuya Takeda), is back for another season of sage advice for confused young minds on “San-nen B-gumi Kimpachi-sensei (Year 3 Class B: Teacher Kimpachi)” (TBS, Wednesday, 9 p.m.).

In this week’s episode, student Yuki is running an unofficial Web site for Class B, and in a chat post he asks the question, “Who is the stupidest person in our class?” The answer is Mitsuya, and Yuki decides to carry out some mischief.

Mitsuya is not planning on going on to high school and has already lined up a job for after graduation, but Kimpachi-sensei knows that deep down Mitsuya has always wanted to become a teacher and he wants to help him realize his dream. The problem is that Mitsuya’s family is poor, and his mother has already decided he will not attend high school.

In the new series, “Oedo Yoshiwara Jiken-cho (Oedo Yoshiwara Incident File)” (TV Tokyo, Friday, 8 p.m.), Chizuru Azuma plays a geisha named Oren, who performs traditional Japanese dance and the like for her clients but doesn’t go to bed with them. However, she does provide a special service to her fellow female workers in Edo’s Yoshiwara pleasure quarters. Whenever someone has a problem, they come to Oren and she solves it.

Each episode features a prominent new female media personality, and this week it’s Mariya Yamada, who plays Wakana, a top-class courtesan. Wakana has deceived one of her clients by promising to marry him and then stealing his money. She’s now become a money lender on the side, charging high interest rates.

Oren gets word of a rumor that Naojiro, one of the employees of the brothel where Wakana works, has followed her there from their hometown. It’s a risky business because male employees are not allowed to fraternize with the top courtesans.

The new action-drama series “SP” (Fuji TV, Saturday, 11:10 p.m.) is about the men and women who, wearing dark suits, sunglasses and permanent scowls, protect Japan’s top government officials when they are in public. Though “SP” is thought to stand for “secret police,” in the case of rookie agent Inoue (Junichi Okada), it also means “super powers,” since he possesses capabilities that his colleagues can’t even comprehend.

In this week’s episode, Inoue faints during a training exercise and is brought to the hospital, where he is told that he is super-stressed out. Inoue desperately wants to get married and has attended many meetings set up by a matchmaker, but to no avail.

Inoue’s superior, Okada (Shinichi Tsutsumi), gives him an assignment: protect a former prime minister (Shigeru Tsuyuki) while he secretly undergoes medical tests in the hospital.