Dem Franchize Boys “On Top of Our Game”


In case you didn’t know, “snap” is a relatively new hip-hop genus of the Dirty South species, utilizing slower tempos and concerning itself mainly with clubbing and a life of leisure. Dem Franchize Boyz is one of the groups who take credit for inventing the style, and Jermaine Dupree, who produced their new album, “On Top of Our Game,” claims to have coined the term.

Fans of Lil Jon or the Three 6 Mafia will probably find something to love, and if you’re just into dense, clattering rhythms overlaid with even denser off-kilter rapping, you’ll definitely find something to appreciate. Their hit single/video “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” isn’t as catchy as fellow snap-rappers D4L’s “Laffy Taffy” (reputedly the most legally downloaded song ever), but it’s more infectious beat-wise, which makes sense since it’s supposed to popularize a new type of dance. “You can roll your arms and put ’em in rotation,” instructs Pimpin, while pal Jizzal Man adds, “One, two, pop/then bring it cross the chest.”

Neophytes are advised to practice at home before trying out these moves at da club. You might put somebody’s eye out.