Living in Japan can, from time to time, present a fair amount of frustration for non-Japanese, especially if they can't speak the language well. Long-term resident Kevin O'Donnell, who creates YouTube videos about Japan under the name "Dogen," isn't afraid to vent but avoids any vitriol.

"I do criticize Japanese culture a fair amount in my videos, but I make sure to always do so through comedy. Such that if I'm saying something could potentially be improved, that the person on the other end can laugh while hearing it," he says.

Chances are that if you've spent any time in social media circles devoted to life in Japan, you've almost certainly had a short video by Dogen grace your feed. The 31-year-old creator's clips cover everything from food culture to city office visits to "Naruto." His comedic creations usually rack up thousands of views, likes and retweets, with a handful going viral.