Stephen Carr asked people in Sakae, the entertainment district of Nagoya, what their resolutions and/or hopes were for 2017.

Rodo Bustios
Salsa dance studio owner, 35 (Peruvian)
Peace in the world and to be a better karaoke singer! I have been working very hard for the last three years and want to rearrange my schedule so I can relax more with my two young children. My family is very scattered and I also want the opportunity to go and see them. For example, some of them are in Switzerland and I would like to travel there for a reunion. Also, I want to bring my parents here to celebrate Christmas 2017.

Elena Abrshina
Saleswoman, 37 (Commonwealth of Independent States)
This year many bad things happened, including separating from my husband. It would be good to find a new one! I want to become more adult and responsible and for my children to be healthy, happy and study well, including my eldest son, who is now at university. I sell car parts and equipment to the former Soviet Union and I hope for my work to go well, so that I can have more money for my family and personal life.

Vitali Shpekht
Company president, 41 (Belarusian)
I want my company to thrive and my family too, but also to grow as a personality. We customize and export sports and racing cars to the European Union and North American markets. We are hoping for good sales and profits on several projects to be rolled out next year. I’ve been here for 20 years and now have a very busy life. I hope in 2017 I can spend more time with my family and help bring up my two children.

Fumiko Okumura
Home-based cook, 58 (Japanese)
I am hoping that my food businesses grow bigger. I make cookies and cakes to sell and also run a restaurant at my house. My creations are popular but I am going to try some new ones. I already make cheesecake and brownies, as well as walnut biscuits coated in powdered sugar. I am going to make some new rock cookies, using cereal and raisins and will add some more Italian and Japanese dishes to my restaurant menu.

Elena Akimova
Ballet and fitness instructor, 36 (Russian)
I have no particular resolution but I would just like everything I have now to get better. One goal I cannot talk about, but there are several others which are not secret. I teach ballet to about 25 children and I would like to have more pupils. I hope for the same for my adult fitness classes. My health is all right and I will work to maintain this. I would also like to travel more, perhaps to somewhere relaxing, like The Maldives.

Kyosuke Masada
Disc jockey, 26 (Japanese)
I want to realize my ambitious within my company and beyond it. I would like to rise to the top of the DJ company label that I work for and I hope this will allow me to make my name so that I can go on to be a famous DJ. I have a lot of work to do in the coming year and when it is all settled I want to also pursue another goal. By the end of the year, if all goes well, I am hoping to be enrolled at a university in the Philippines.

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