Aoi, a black beauty first featured here in March, has now found a home in Yokohama with Norm and Sumiko Cook and their other cat, Cheetah. Aoi became the Cooks' second cat when the couple decided the formerly recluse-like Cheetah needed a companion. He "was becoming increasingly comfortable not moving around or interacting with humans throughout the day," says Norm, who is originally from the United States. Aoi made himself at home quickly and was desperate to interact with the other cat. Cheetah, however, hissed, ran away and hid. He was a long time warming to the newcomer. In fact, it took him about five months, but he finally came around. Now, Norm can say, "He has had an amazing effect on Cheetah. Where previously Cheetah spent about 22 hours a day hiding in unoccupied rooms, he now follows Aoi around the house." The socialization process for Cheetah has carried over to humans as well. "Cheetah is much more sociable with my wife and I as a result of his friendship with Aoi."

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