Tokyo: What spooks you in Japan?

Mike Hannah
Mechanic, 30 (Australian)
Being followed. It’s always been a nightmare. To think that someone is lurking about outside your house while you are doing something as normal as cooking a steak.

Yumiko Shiga
International sales, 25 (Japanese)
I don’t really like elementary schools. When we are young in Japan we hear creepy stories about kindergarten schools. Now I don’t like them and want to run from them!

Yuko Abumi
Trainee flight attendant, 25 (Japanese)
I can’t think of a specific place, but I hate tunnels in general. I’ve seen an anime which used tunnels to evoke fear. It’s the trapped feeling that gets me.

Filip Legrand
Delivery driver, 35 (Belgian)
In a temple on Miyajima, in the basement you must look for a key in the dark. After a couple of minutes it becomes pretty scary, especially as you must venture out into the middle.

Dalynna Jun Moser
Kindergarten teacher, 25 (American)
The first time I saw a cockroach I cried for 10 minutes, then killed it. They are ugly and hard to kill. This one took 30 minutes, with all its hiding.

Rieko Genka
Museum attendant, 28 (Japanese)
Its not quite Halloween, but the men in Kabukicho who ask you questions and stop you on the street are pretty weird and scary — the masters of fake temptation.

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