What do you think about the laws on smoking in Japan?

by Louisa Chan

Sally Fujiyama
Housewife (Filipina)
Smoking shouldn’t be allowed in restaurants or cafes. These places are for people to enjoy their meals. Passive smoking is bad for people’s health.

Francis Frimpong
Student, 18 (Ghanaian)
I often see teenagers smoking, especially in Shibuya. The police should take cigarettes away from teenagers and tell them not to smoke, as it’s against the law.

Tomoko Ishida
Over the past five years, it’s been getting harder for smokers, as they can no longer smoke at train stations or on the streets. There are now designated spots to smoke.

Jeffrey Marlin
Part-timer, 20 (Filipino)
I sometimes smoke, and I find vending machines really convenient. I think the taspo card is a great idea, as it makes it difficult for people under 20 to buy cigarettes.

Mike Cadman
Teacher, 40 (Canadian)
They aren’t strict enough. There is almost no protection for nonsmokers against secondhand smoke. At the very least, cigarettes should be taxed at a much higher rate.

Mitsuharu Yamazaki
Salesman, 46
I quit smoking about eight years ago. There are less places to smoke nowadays. The government is making it harder for people to smoke in public places.