What’s your holiday plan?


BHeather Cone
Scuba instructor, 29
I’m going to Beijing with my girlfriend. It’s going to be two girls cruising the Great Wall, shopping for handbags and shoes, because we can’t find any that fit our big feet in Japan, and drinking whatever they drink over there.

Barbara Arsenault
Photographer, 37
I’m going to Hakone, maybe to Yunnesen — the hot spring Disneyland. There are 50 kinds of baths — like coffee, green tea and medicinal. There’s also a rock pathway that’s supposed to be therapeutic, but painful, to walk on.

Chris Nelson
Teacher, 25
I’m going to Oita to visit friends. They have an exhibition of illustrations and paintings, so I’m going to see that. It’s going to be my first time to go there and I plan to check out some onsen and eat saba fish, which is famous there.

Motonori Doi
Shoemaker, 30
I just plan on sleeping a whole lot, waking up late every day and then either going shopping around Shibuya or driving, like maybe to an onsen with my friends. If I meet someone special, I’d like to go drinking and have fun with her.

Hadar Berkovich
Drum teacher, 33
I work at an international school as a drum instructor and I think I’ll only have a few days off so Golden Week is going to be time to spend with my boy, relaxing in the nature. I live in the countryside, so I’ll just stay there with my family.

Tomoko Sunohara
Film distribution, 29
I will travel to Hokkaido to visit my friend. He lives in Sapporo, but he’s going to take me sightseeing in Otaru, Hakodate and Toya Lake. I live in the city surrounded by buildings and concrete, so I’m starving for nature.