What is your favorite Japanese show?


Yoko Miyazaki
Clothing sales, 22
“Ai Nori” (basically a “gokon” traveling from country to country on a pink bus) If someone loves another person, they have to try their best to win their love. It shows how Japanese have friendly and romantic relationships.

Mai Ideguchi
Teaching asst., 21
“Jo Netsu Tailiku.” It focuses on one person each episode. It’s not a famous person, but a professional. Every week shows people from different parts of Japan who have different careers, so I can learn a lot about many professions.

Phil Arriat
Teacher, 30
I like the old version of “Monkey Magic,” but not the new one with Katori Shingo. It might not be about Japan as such, but it reflects the quirkiness and zaniness of its people in the performances of the lead actors.

Anna Dalrymple
Teacher, 30
I love the cooking show with Masaaki Sakai. I like all the cooking shows in Japan. Every time I turn on the TV at least one show is about food. I’m a big fan of Masaaki from back in his days in “Monkey Magic.”

Shudo Okazaki
Student, 23
“Project X.” It’s about Japanese who have built companies like Panasonic or Toyota. It shows how they started and built their company. Before I watched those shows, I never thought I could do something like that. But now, maybe . . .

Ente Breed
I saw this show with all these people dressing up like moving images, like acting out a painting. There are different teams and they have to get points for the pictures they create. It was very inventive and very Japanese.