To understand how much has and has not changed within the Democratic Party, consider a campaign ad from Trumpworld, which mocks U.S. President Joe Biden as old, feeble and befuddled.

"Do you think the guy who was defeated by the stairs, got taken down by his bike, lost a fight with his jacket and regularly gets lost makes it four more years in the White House?” a narrator intones as Vice President Kamala Harris appears. "And you know who’s waiting behind him, right? Vote Joe Biden today, get Kamala Harris tomorrow.”

When the ad first aired during the recent disastrous presidential debate — in which Biden appeared old, feeble and befuddled — it seemed almost smart, if also needlessly offensive and cruel. What better way to rattle Democrats and undecided voters than to question the health of an 81-year-old president and threaten that if he is unable to continue, a vice president more often seen as a liability than an asset would take over?