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China-India demilitarized zone upsets defense officials in Delhi

Asia Pacific Feb 28, 2021

China-India demilitarized zone upsets defense officials in Delhi

After the deadliest fighting in decades, India and China are setting up demilitarized areas along their Himalayan border — a move that has rankled some members of India’s security establishment. Soldiers from both countries for now will no longer patrol a 9-kilometer (6-mile) stretch on ...

Commentary / World Jun 6, 2011

Feud over U.S. debt ceiling risks driving off investors

U.S. politicians are in the thick of a debate that is fascinating, urgent, passionate, stubborn and potentially highly dangerous both for the American economy and for the country's political reputation and standing in the world. It is a tragic measure of the purblind failure of ...

Commentary May 5, 2011

The world after bin Laden

Ding, dong, the witch is dead. Osama bin Laden, the author of the 9/11 atrocity in the United States and various lesser terrorist outrages elsewhere, has been killed by American troops in his hideout in northern Pakistan. At last, the world can breathe more ...

Commentary / World Oct 29, 2009

Hiroshima beckons Obama

KYOTO — For the past 64 years the name "Hiroshima" has conjured a nightmare vision for all humanity: the unthinkable specter of instantaneous atomic annihilation. Only by personally visiting Hiroshima or Nagasaki, the two cities that have experienced atomic bombing, can one begin to ...

Editorials Sep 2, 2008

Pension funding deadline

In 2004 the government decided to use additional tax money to cover part of the basic portion of national pensions. (At present, tax money covers 36.5 percent.) The decision called for tax money to start covering half the portion by the time the new ...