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/ | Feb 10, 2002

Expressions of 'everyday immortality'

UNFINISHED MESSAGE: Selected Works of Toshio Mori. Berkeley, Calif.: Heyday Books, 2000, 242 pp., $15.95 (paper) Toshio Mori (1910-1980) was one of the founders of a distinctively Asian-American literature. He lived in and near San Leandro, Calif. except for the World War II years, which ...

/ Oct 14, 2001

Flash points along the road to recognition

ASIAN AMERICAN DREAMS: The Emergence of an American People, by Helen Zia. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2000, 319 pp., $26.00 (cloth) The book to read to get up to speed on Asian and Pacific Island Americans (APAs) is Helen Zia's "Asian American ...