Tsukasa Arita

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Job potential draws Midwest students to classes in Japanese

National Jun 22, 2013

Job potential draws Midwest students to classes in Japanese

More college students in the U.S. Midwest are taking Japanese classes because of the potential for future employment. While the pace of growth in Japanese studies slowed across the U.S. after the 1990s, Michigan has seen a remarkable increase over the past couple of years, ...

National Dec 6, 2006

VOA ups info ante as Pyongyang tries to squelch broadcasts

The Voice of America is expanding its Korean service aimed at the North Korean people, already isolated from the outside world and even more so since the country's missile and nuclear tests this year. Informing them about abductions of Japanese nationals by North Korean agents ...

National Oct 21, 2005

James Bond goes Japanese? Tokyo eyes MI6-style spy agency

The idea of a Japanese James Bond may sound hilarious, but serious discussions are under way in Japan on whether to create a secret intelligence service along the lines of Britain's MI6 to conduct overseas espionage. The deliberations were triggered by a proposal from ...