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In a changed Kashmir, moderates feel betrayed by India

Asia Pacific / Politics Sep 3, 2020

In a changed Kashmir, moderates feel betrayed by India

For more than two decades, Peerzada Lateef Shah risked his life in a high-wire political process to bring peace to Kashmir, the mountainous, predominantly Muslim region that has long chafed under India’s rule. He organized rallies and encouraged Kashmiris to vote for a political party ...

Reader Mail Dec 21, 2008

Hanukkah review appreciated

Kudos to Philip Brasor for a much needed review of Hanukkah music in his Dec. 18 article, "Rocking around the Hanukkah menorah." Such an article was long overdue and this was a thorough treatment of the subject. Still, not to kvetch, but if I may ...

Reader Mail Oct 5, 2008

Out of Gloria Steinem's league

Since everybody is entitled to his opinion, let me say how tired I am of men telling women what real feminism is, and what they don't have a right to do with their own bodies. I refer to Bob Austenfeld's Sept. 25 letter, "Right ...

Reader Mail Aug 31, 2008

The language of discrimination

Regarding the Aug. 26 article "Japan defends steps to end discrimination": A country that makes it hard for foreigners to obtain permanent residence speaks its own language of discrimination, don't you think? A country that allows landlords to refuse potential tenants because ...