Said Amir Arjomand

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/ Jul 21, 2014

Rouhani's remaking of Iran

Marking the end of his first year in office with some success at domestic reform, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani now says Iran would be willing to work with the U.S. in Iraq.

Apr 22, 2012

Keep the wrecking ball at bay

I like Tokyo Tower. I will get used to the Tokyo Sky Tree (public opening due May 22), but for now I feel more for the familiar graceful lines and the more humane proportions of the older tower. It is an architectural icon, and ...

Oct 18, 2011

Economic trouble in China

The decision of China's sovereign wealth fund to buy shares of four of the country's biggest banks is a warning signal. The move to prop up the plummeting value of those institutions is intended to boost confidence; instead, it has highlighted the many unknowns ...

/ Sep 30, 2011

Genius lurks in this dangerous czar

There is one incontestably great actor on the world stage today, and he has no interest in following our script. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin — soon to be Russia's president again — has proven remarkably effective at playing the weak strategic hand he inherited, ...

/ Sep 9, 2011

Beating the midlife blues

Are you feeling down about middle age? Do you find yourself thinking that time is hurtling and you'll never reach your goals — or, perhaps more distressingly, that they don't even fit who you are anymore? If you're in the age range of roughly 40 ...

/ Feb 10, 2010

Iran's revolutionary echoes

STONY BROOK, N.Y. — Iran's continued unrest, now extending through the 30th anniversary of the revolution that toppled the shah, raises the question of whether the Islamic Republic is about to fall. As in 1979, millions of Iranians have taken to the streets, this ...

Oct 7, 2009

The Middle East and Iran issue

The small country of Lebanon lies at the center of the Middle East jigsaw. Its labyrinthine internal politics reflect and connect with all the complexities of the region and the surrounding countries. To grasp what is happening in divided Lebanon, one has to understand the ...

Oct 5, 2009

Graduates lowering the bar

Only 2,043 graduates of the law schools established since April 2004, following adoption of the nation's legal reform, passed the bar exam for 2009, according to the Justice Ministry. This is a poor performance in view of the 2,500 to 2,900 graduates who were ...