Roderick Kaim

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General Oct 27, 2002

Ultimate distrust

Few things seem more certain than death. However, precisely when death occurs is less certain than it used to be. People who would have been given up for dead 100 years ago get a second chance today. More disturbingly, bodies that still show vital signs ...

General Mar 31, 2002

Keigo: A lexicon of control

Whether you're Japanese or not, chances are you have conflicting feelings about Japan's formal respect-language, keigo. On the one hand, it is one of the most difficult aspects of the language to truly master. On the other, many feel that it somehow contains and ...

General Feb 17, 2002

We hold competition to be self-evident

Sibling rivalry, rivals in love, factional rivals, rivalry between nations: There seems to be no level of our lives not riddled with rivalry. Like its relatives, competition and conflict, rivalry is found in all societies and cultures. The reason for this is clear to see ...

General Jan 6, 2002

Change: Now new and improved!

Whether through genetically modified foods, the mapping of the human genome or global climate change, technology and science are changing our lives, often much faster than we might like. Things are moving so fast that it is difficult to imagine our lives 20 years ...