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Japan in Cambodia has China aid rival

National Feb 9, 2011

Japan in Cambodia has China aid rival

PHNOM PENH — Cambodia, one of the least developed parts of Southeast Asia, extends a welcoming hand to economic aid from Japan and China, but analysts in the country are wary of the competitive intent of the nation's two largest aid donors. Officially, the government ...

National Mar 20, 2010

Cambodia ceramists stoked

ANDONG RUSSEY, Cambodia — For generations, the Cambodian village of Andong Russey has been known for its pottery for daily use, such as water containers and food bowls. But as the country plunged into political upheaval and warfare, which ended just about a decade ago, ...

National Jan 13, 2006

'Privatized' Killing Fields site tries to quiet critics

PHNOM PENH (Kyodo) The Cambodian-Japanese company that operates Cambodia's Killing Fields memorial near Phnom Penh is increasing revenues from the site and has been providing scholarships for underprivileged Cambodian students from the proceeds. JC Royal Co., a joint venture between Cambodians and a Japanese nongovernmental ...

National Jan 11, 2005

Japanese scholarships offer education, cash to Cambodians

While the primary objective for Cambodian scholarship students to Japan is get a better education, saving money is becoming a major incentive. Families in Cambodia have been gleaning information from returnees on how to save money while in Japan. Ek Buntha, president of Japan Alumni of ...

National Jan 10, 2004

Cambodia ponders merits of used Japanese goods

While many Cambodians are grateful to Japan for its generous aid to the emerging nation, there is also a growing appreciation among the local populace for Japanese "waste." Used goods that had been destined for recycling or dumping in Japan are instead surviving as "new" ...

National Dec 15, 2001

'Koban' comes to Cambodia

Cambodia's first "koban" police box was built in Phnom Penh this week, accompanied by lectures by two Japanese police officers on how to use it to help improve public safety. The police post cost about $20,000 to build, according to Makoto Sakurai, an official at ...