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Cruz, party tangle over U.S. shutdown

World / Politics Sep 25, 2013

Cruz, party tangle over U.S. shutdown

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz escalated his conflict with fellow Republicans Tuesday when he stepped up his attacks on President Barack Obama's signature health care law, complicating House GOP efforts to pass a funding bill that would avert a government shutdown next week. Launching a marathon ...

Boehner 'soft' approach boon, bane

World | FOCUS Jul 2, 2013

Boehner 'soft' approach boon, bane

When someone crosses John Boehner, he or she can expect a couple of reactions from the House speaker. Sometimes it is a thwack on the back and a disapproving shake of his head, quickly followed by a begrudging smile to indicate that all is ...

World / Politics Feb 18, 2013

Congress' committee chairmen push to reassert control

Rep. Dave Camp is chairman of the esteemed House Ways and Means Committee, the oldest of all congressional panels and one with so much influence over the workings of the federal government that its past chairmen were routinely described as the most powerful men ...