Nouriel Roubini

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Commentary / World Apr 16, 2009

Don't believe rumors that recovery is coming

NEW YORK — Mild signs that the rate of economic contraction is slowing in the United States, China and other parts of the world have led many economists to forecast that positive growth will return to the U.S in the second half of the ...

Commentary / World Feb 18, 2009

Nationalize insolvent banks

NEW YORK — A year ago, I predicted that the losses of U.S. financial institutions would reach at least $1 trillion and possibly go as high as $2 trillion. At that time, the consensus among economists and policymakers was that these estimates were exaggerated, ...

Commentary / World Aug 18, 2008

Heading for global recession

The probability is growing that the global economy — not just the United States — will experience a serious recession. Recent developments suggest that all Group of Seven economies are already in recession or are close to tipping into one. Other advanced economies or ...

Commentary / World Apr 19, 2008

What shape is America's recession?

NEW YORK — Now that it is clear that the United States is in recession, the debate has moved on to whether it will be short and shallow or long and deep — a question that is as important for the rest of the ...

Commentary / World Dec 25, 2007

Global economy due for hard landing

NEW YORK — In recent weeks, the global liquidity and credit crunch that started last August has become more severe. This is easy to show: In the United States, the euro zone and Britain, spreads between LIBOR interest rates (at which banks lend to ...