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Weighing in on the 'real Japan'

| Mar 2, 2003

Weighing in on the 'real Japan'

Murray Sayle, 76, likes to tell how he was delivered by the same doctor as Australian Prime Minister John Howard; how he lived a few streets away from him and went to the same high school, and then the same university. However, for Sayle, the ...

/ | Sep 30, 2001

Book Bites

KODANSHA'S ROMANIZED JAPANESE-ENGLISH DICTIONARY, edited by Timothy J. Vance, et al. Kodansha International, Tokyo, 2001, 666 pp., 3,500 yen (paper) A completely rewritten and expanded version of Kodansha's 1990 "The New World Japanese-English Dictionary for Juniors," a popular reference work among Japanese junior high ...